How we generated over 2.391.216€ with est. net profits of more than +25%

Where brands, come to kick *** (and build) their webshops to +60.000€ pr. month with net profits above +25%

Rated 4.7/5 stars

Rated 4.7 out of 5 from +20 satisfied customers in 5 markets


Monthly ad spend


Spent in Denmark and international markets for B2C and B2B for several ambitious E-commerce companies.

Markets, we are in

Delivering ambitious growth plans for e-commerce companies on Meta, Google and full funnel optimisation.


Monthly revenue


Across all our client accounts, on all channels we deliver outstanding revenue of 274k turnover pr. month.

Optimizing the entire customer journey

We build customer journeys that kicks a**

Mediocre ads just won’t cut it anymore. Total control over your marketing funnel is the only way forward.

We dig deep into your finances, goals, and resources, crafting strategies that pump up your bottom line — not just your sales. We’re all about boosting net profit.

You won’t get the biggest team with us, but you’ll get the fiercest, ready to take your business to the next level.

But forget the world’s best ad—it’s redudant if your website doesn’t convert. We fine-tune your site and ensure the entire customer journey is streamlined, converting and profitable to maximise every penny spent.

[Success] equals increased net profit with us

We eliminate the Bullsh*t

Sick of the usual BS from agencies?

Tired of those endless revenue reports that don’t give you any clarification of what the agency is actual delivering?

Imagine this instead: actual profits and solid ROI, delivered monthly, complete with a kick-ass growth plan for next month with actionable jobs for both you and your team. 

Ready to take the reins on your entire operation, from marketing to inventory? We’re here to fuel your strategy with top-notch content and insights, ensuring your bottom line sings over 25% net profit.

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Over 20 businesses have already scaled profitably with us.

Rated 4.7/5 stars

Rated 4.7 out of 5 from +20 satisfied customers in 5 markets

Kristina Sørensen
Kristina Sørensen
Nu har jeg brugt Trollemedia ApS i snart 6 mdr. og han fortjener en anmeldelse. Christian fortjener helt sikkert ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Christian har optimeret hjemmesiden hvor vi er endt med et fedt brugervenligt design, med nogle fede features. Derudover står han for google ads kampagner og har opsat e-mail flows og meget mere 🙌🏽 Der er har været en komplet gennemgang, for hele tiden at optimere. Christian har udover at være dygtig og professionel også været utrolig hjælpsom og engageret i at komme med værdifulde råd og vejledning under hele processen. Mine “dumme” spørgsmål bliver altid besvaret på en professionel måde og tager sig altid tid til at forklare og uddybe, hvis der er behov for det, samt hurtig altid hurtig svartid! Derudover har jeg modtaget performance review, jeg har modtaget update på ugens præstationer, hvilket har givet ro i maven. Jeg kan kun give Christian min varmeste anbefaling. Det er en fornøjelse, og jeg er taknemmelig for hans hjælp. Det var aldrig lykkedes uden ham.
Victor Carlsen
Victor Carlsen
Christian is incredibly talented. I have worked with Christian for a period of time and especially around Google Ads, where he has been really sharp and helpful! Huge recommendation from here!
Frederik Gjørtz
Frederik Gjørtz
Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af at samarbejde med Christian fra Trolle Media, og jeg må sige, at hans ekspertise og proaktive tilgang til Google Ads har været utroligt givende. Vi har opnået en ROAS, som jeg aldrig tidligere har oplevet. Samarbejdet har været ekstremt effektivt, og jeg kan varmt anbefale Trolle Media til andre, der søger hjælp inden for digital markedsføring.
Jakob kjems Lyngvad
Jakob kjems Lyngvad
Christian er ekspert inden for Google Ads. Han er ikke bare dygtig, han er et geni til at få det meste ud af Google Ads At arbejde med Christian har været øjenåbnende. Han har lært mig tricks og strategier, som har givet min egen forretning et seriøst boost. Hans dedikation til resultater er inspirerende. Hvis du vil have dit brand til at være profitabelt på Google er Christian manden at gå til.
Mathias Sølvberg
Mathias Sølvberg
I've had the privilege to work with Christian several times. I like the way he works - good communication, proactivity, and overall, I'm very satisfied.
Thomas Naughton
Thomas Naughton
Vi har haft fornøjelsen af at arbejde med Christian fra Trolle Media adskillige gange, og jeg kan klart anbefale ham. Han er ikke alene utrolig flink, men også ekstremt dygtig til det han laver. Kæmpe anbefaling herfra.

🇩🇰 A message from Christian Troelsen, Founder.

In 2022, we started eliminating the bullsh*t and rewrote the playbook to focus on net profits.

“Hey there, thank you for visiting TrolleMedia. Let me share a little story with you. Back in 2021, I ran my own webshop. Despite facing challenges in generating a solid net profit, I persisted. I honed my skills, delved deeper into full-funnel strategies, and eventually sold the store to a Danish investment fund in 2022.

Following that, I embarked on the journey of founding TrolleMedia. My aim was to challenge the conventional agency model, which often carries negative connotations. At TrolleMedia, our focus isn’t on being the biggest; it’s on being the best.

We specialize in optimizing full funnels and crafting digital customer journeys every single day. Additionally, we offer consultancy services to companies, assisting them in establishing operations conducive to growth.

Since 2022, we’ve aided over 20 companies in scaling their operations, with success metrics including a minimum of +25% net profits. Our efforts have yielded significant results, generating over +€2.3M in revenue since our inception.”

By Christian Troelsen, December 2023. 

What do we do different?

We brand ourselves as "one of the best" here is why.

We are rewriting the playbook, switching from focussing on ROAS to Net Profits when scaling eCom stores to +60.000€ pr. month while maintaining rapid and clear communication. 

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Deep Research
Psychology based strategy
Data-driven optimisations
Hypothesis Tracking
Direct-Response Copywriting
Weekly Performance Analysis
Monthly Strategy Meetings

The most asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our prices are customized specifically to your business needs. The number of channels you need and your growth goals.

To find out more, book a call here. 

TrolleMedia is probably one of the best full funnels in the Nordics that focus on profit and ROI as the keystone of any collaboration.

We are experts in what we do and we are only 2-3 in the team and in order to deliver the best experience to our customers we never have more than 10 customers at once.

What’s more, the majority of our compensation model is performance-based. This means that your success is our success.

Book your meeting here. 


To work with our team, you must be ready to spend more than 2.000€ per month in advertising budget to achieve the best ROI on our services.

The reason we have this requirement is that 9/10 of all cases, we see that companies with an advertising budget above 2.000€ achieve the highest growth, with good profit margins.

If you meet this and are ready to grow, book a meeting here.

Ready to scale your eCom store to +€60k pr. month?

Rated 4.7/5 stars

Rated 4.7 out of 5 from +20 satisfied customers in 5 markets

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